How to Boost Your Small Business Cash Flow
in as little as 7 Day... Guaranteed!

  • From: Gabrielle Fontaine, PB
    Professional Bookkeeper

  • RE: Your Own On-Demand Cash Flow System


Don't you just hate the gut-wrenching stress that flares up whenever cash runs short?

If business suddenly slows down or something unexpected happens, the resulting cash flow crunch can make you crazy! And to make matters worse, even when business finally does pick up again, you are forced to play the frustrating financial catch-up game! 

Doesn't being STUCK on that Feast or Famine Cash Flow Rollercoaster make you CRAZY?

Get the simple secrets to generating as much steady cash flow as you need, whenever you want?

You can do just that by simply tapping into the dormant revenue streams already hiding within your business. Easily get the cash you need flowing almost instantly. And when you unleash several of these reliable cash streams simultaneously on a regular basis, you'll have a solid Cash Flow System and a streamlined business for years to come.

If that sounds good to you, then it's time you found out how to use these commonly overlooked "gold mine" secrets to create a quick infusion of cash into your business right now, no matter how long you've been running your own company! (And NO, you don't need to go into debt further to get it either)

Kicking your Cash Flow into overdrive is NOT as difficult as most business owners imagine.  All you need are solid, reliable strategies that actually work!

Once you have your own unique combination of Cash Flow streams up and running, all you have to do is repeat the process, to pull in as much money as you want - on demand! It's like having your own private Cash Reserve Account available 24/7, 365 days a year!

Why this will work for you too...

You see, I know firsthand how bad the stress can get when you find yourself STUCK on that stressful Feast-or-Famine Cash Flow Rollercoaster!

I've been running my own service business for over 20 years now, and more than a few of those years were spent trying to figure out how to get my business to thrive instead of just squeak by with a small profit.

I also noticed that I wasn't alone. As a Professional Bookkeeper, I see what's going on in my clients' businesses based on their bookkeeping records. Truth be told, many small business owners struggle with cash flow. Even after many years in business, the vast majority of these bright, self-employed people still had long, dry periods when they scrape by on just the skin of their teeth and only a meager profit to show for all their sweat and effort.

So I decided to take aggressive action to stop the madness and break the cycle once and for all. And I actually did it! But it took me a few years to put all the pieces together in the right combination.

Here's what I discovered...

  • Effective methods to maximize the cash that's already available within your business...
  • How to tap into quick, extra money whenever there's a higher demand for cash...
  • Ways to preserve cash and reduce overhead to increase profit margins instantly.

But the real magic ignited when I combined cash-boosting methods simultaneously with cash-reserving tactics. Suddenly, more money was coming in, and less was slipping out. That can make cash start to pool in your bank account. Now that's a beautiful sight!

Cash flow worries vanish and money will be coming in from all directions...without the need to work your brains out to get it either!

 All this from just implementing several simple cash flow strategies simultaneously.

Now you can put these proven cash flow-boosting strategies to work for you in your business too!


"Cash Flow Kick-Start"

In this exciting ebook specifically designed for small service businesses and self-employed professionals, you'll learn the simple ways to quickly and easily boost your business's cash flow faster than you ever dreamed possible. That means just a matter of a few days, or even a few hours!

Get these fresh, fast, untapped ways to bring in quick, new trickles of cash for your business immediately. And by making a few small, progressive changes that work together simultaneously, you will exponentially increase your cash flow!

And what's more...

  • You Don't Need A Lot of Time to Get Results!- You can tap into any of these quick-results strategies even if you're pressed for time! And once they are up and running and become a part of your everyday business operations, they will run seamlessly and almost automatically!

  • You Don't Need to Do It All Yourself!- These methods are so simple that you might want to do them yourself, but they are so easy to implement that you could easily have your administrative staff or virtual assistant put them to work for you while you focus on what you do best -- serving your clients and moving your business forward.

  • You Don't Need to Have Any Special Skills!- Each Cash Flow Strategy is freestanding and includes complete instructions and additional reference material, if you need it. Even if you're bootstrapping your business, you'll be able to get results that will so that you can get a solid financial footing more quickly.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover...
  • How to easily find more paying clients in a matter of hours (not weeks or months)...
  • How to streamline your office and get a quick cash boost in the process (no one ever thinks to use this easy trick)...
  • How to skyrocket traffic to your website and get an onslaught of new client inquiries (CAUTION: This powerful strategy could overload you with paying clients in a hurry!)...
  • How to get your clients to pay you BEFORE you begin working with them (and stop wasting your time chasing slow-paying clients in the process)...
  • The absolute easiest way to get more business from your existing clients (and they'll actually thank you for it!)...
  • The secret to getting even your slowest paying clients to hand over their cash to you almost immediately (and even put the process on auto-pilot)...

... and much, MUCH more!


Here's exactly what you get with Cash Flow Kick Start...

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I only do business on a win-win basis. So if after you've read (or listened to) my Cash Flow Kick Start ebook (within 30 days) and you don't think you can increase your business cash flow using simple, real-world techniques, I'll give you your money back. No fuss. No hassle. That's my 100% money back "win-win or no deal" guarantee.

Grab Your Copy Now For Only $17!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this ebook help me start my own business within 7 days?

A: No. This is not a get-rich-quick ebook. It is an action guide designed for existing service-based business owners and solo-professionals.

That being said, if you are in the process of setting up your own service business, you will find valuable information in this ebook that will help you set cash flow friendly business policies so you NEVER have to experience the cash-crunch heartache of hitting rock bottom (that causes MOST small business failures!)

Q: Will this work for me?

A: While it's impossible for me to know your specific situation, if you are a small business that frequently has up-and-down cash flow issues, you will definitely benefit by implementing the strategies in this ebook! Even if you have a unique business, I can help you to improve your cash flow situation (make sure your take advantage of the personal support bonus that comes with this ebook!)

Q: Is this ebook specifically for freelance bookkeeping businesses?

A: No. I created this ebook to help my clients who run service-based businesses, from consultants to dentists to authors and other types of professional service businesses. Of course, running an accounting or bookkeeping business also falls into this category. So if you have a bookkeeping business you will find this ebook perfectly suited to your type of business as well. :-)

Q: Does the ebook show me how to get a loan for my business?

A: No. This ebook will not show you how to go into debt, which can create cash flow issues in the future. Instead, it will show you how to use what you already have to increase your cash flow for the short term, as well as build a long-term cash maximizing system so you won't need to depend on loans to cover cash-draining seasons in your business. (Nothing wrong with having a business line of credit, but our focus is on achieving a self-sustaining business that is debt free)